One of us shall not be at Glastonbury this year.


Post by: Dave
First year at Camp Triangle:

  • Thursday 6 Apr 2017 (6 years ago )

It is with great sadness, that I inform you of the passing of, one of our friends and family, Super Jolly.

Little is known about what happened at present. What we do know that she passed away in her sleep, with heart problems, some time between 17 & 19 October 2016.

Obviously, all of our thoughts and sympathies go out to her family and friends.

Super, also know as Venus, has been part of our group since 2008, the first year that we all camped together.

Other than being part of our festival family, she has also been a massive part of the diving community and this is how she made her living, not only leading dives but at an underwater photographer.

I shall, personally, never forget her for the incredible idea of making cocktails in a paddling pool in 2013, pure genius.

She was also chief badge maker (pics below) for us and I’m sure, if you’ve been to camp with us before you’ll have one of her badges.

There is talk of a memorial for her in the super, when we know more we’ll share this information. We’ll, also, have our own memorial in a Pilton field this summer.

Rest in peace, my beautiful friend and stay Jolly.