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Things to bring to the camp:

An open mind and a smile. No need for any worry or fear, you may not have met us yet, but everyone will be friends in seconds. Things will get more and more twisted as the weekend goes on...

A clean camp attitude...whilst its tempting to live like a peasant, do not bring more than you need and dump/leave behind things you cant be bothered to take back with you. Tidy up after yourself and no silly/childish attitudes to being free and away from home. Just because you are in a field does not give you a free ticket to behave badly and being spangled the night before is no excuse. We believe in Love The Farm, Leave No Trace

A corset to stop your sides from splitting from all the laughing that will be going on...!

A neighbourly eye and awareness of who your fellow campers are. It will not be until Thursday that everyone will have mostly met properly. Whilst the camp is there to be a base for all, do challenge anyone that you don't know just for security's sake. It may benefit in the long run.

  • One 'Firelog'. There are also wood stalls where you can buy wood from at the festival
  • Early arrivals please pack a tarp for putting down on the ground for future arrivals.
  • Spirit or mixers for the cocktail party - refer to the CT group for updated lists as to what is already being brought
  • A hat for the Sunday Night Hat Party Bimble
  • Inflatable palm tree...if anyone has one knocking you do...
  • Your own seating arrangements
  • Silver space blankets (from £1 shops) to keep tent cool/extra dry  - place between inner and outer tent
  • Musical instrument if you want
  • A decent portable phone charger - Anker, New Trent all available on Amazon at a reasonable price.
  • Nice nibbles to share if you want.
  • Anything else you can think of that might be useful or nice to bring to the camp but dont go crazy on useless tat. It will only become landfill...including glowsticks.

Happy packing folks and see you in a field xxx