No Longer a Virgin


Post by: Fran
First year at Camp Triangle:

  • Saturday 17 Sep 2016 (7 years ago )

So there was a pink haired light that passed by me in the dull civil servants kitchen at a time when I was feeling such a huge square peg in a tiny round hole. Hello we said to each other - can't remember our next words except within 10 minutes I was saying I've always wanted to go to Glastonbury. I had fire in my belly at meeting such a wonderful refreshing Angel that came into my life - and guess what, The Angel invited me to Join Camp Triangle.

Angel Jane explained to me how it all works - tickets, join groups, gazebos, tents, ticket buying, trusting strangers to pay back deposits, friendship, FB posts, welcomes from fellow Camp Trianglers, getting into groups, getting confused, Ashcombe Farm, caravan, asking the Angel loads of questions and worrying she thought me a nuisance - she stayed calm!

iPad, Mac, laptop and phone all set up on D day for ticket buying. The time came and everything crashed my end - all I could think was we live in the countryside so maybe the broadband not up to it. Then a stranger from Liverpool bought 2 of my 3 tickets - 3rd ticket wouldn't purchase because I'd registered incorrect postcode . As if by magic I got a random phone call from an old work friend who said Fran Fran I'm in, do you need any tickets - in a whirl of fairy dust, my 3rd ticket was purchased . Money was exchanged between friends old and new - love that humans are so honest! Blimey I was so excited. I even jumped up and down!

The months went by, the carrying people's tents and luggage in saga, shall we bring caravan, can we bring caravan, how do we bring caravan was sorted by the Angel and Arc Angel.

Arriving at Ashcombe Farm we met the most amazing group of people - so welcoming, easy going, live and let live, fun, happy, chatty group of people. My kind of people! So much luggage that the caravan did a see-saw - made us laugh! Tom arrived late and was looked after by these wonderful people. The Angel drove the caravan up the hill, danced with the other angels behind the wood chip lorries and then we were in the field a few skids later (wheel not knickers!). Logistics were agreed, trolleys were loaded, 7.30 am next day and the caravan field campers were in. Wow! Glastonbury was massive. Tents, gazebos, luggage laid out as Camp Trianglers trickled in - some wet. All happy! We met even more fabulous people - my faith in human kind from life with the civil servant's had been restored.

Thank goodness for the Arc Angels tour and the Cider Bus- myself, Tom and Joe were in awe of everywhere we went, what we saw and our fellow Camp Trianglers.

The big spider lit up and boomed. The toilets weren't so bad, Joe drank neat Jack Daniels thinking Tom had added coke - wonderful surrogate mothers watched him being sick on the night me and Tom crashed. We were exhausted and missed some bands we'd planned to see. It didn't matter - so many other great memories. The Secret Satan party, glitter, balloons, The Glade, Shangri-la, The Unfair Ground, the Pyramid Stage, The Other Stage, the burning Phoenix/es - what's plural for Phoenix?, The Park, Adrian, Mat, Rod, Tanya, Rachel, Lucy,  Lisa, Sarah, Simon, Comedians, pole dancers, drug sellers, cider down in one!  Mud! what mud. The mud paled into insignificance with all the other amazing things to see and do. Vegan breakfast, Thai curry, peanut butter on toast, shiatsu massage (wish I could have taken the masseuse home with me).

And then the festival came to a close - the Angel sat in the tractor and the caravan was eased out of the mud. Excited to have another night at Ashcombe with our new found family! One last pint of Thatchers in its home county. Hasta Luego's to an amazing group of people and the most fabulous Angel and Arc Angel - you know who you are! Thank you. A truly memorable experience. Can't wait to meet you all again! With love from a Fairy! X