A Chaotic Ode To Camp Triangle


Post by: Sarah
First year at Camp Triangle:

  • Wednesday 14 Dec 2016 (7 years ago )

Anticipation. Excitement. Last Year’s Weather Chat.
Groups. Money. Trust.
“All The Info You Need Is On The Website.”
“Is It 6 People In Each Group?”
Shuffle, Shuffle, Room For More.
Discussion. Organisation. Chat.
“How Many Tickets Can You Buy Per Transaction?”
Potential Weather Chat.
Groups. Money. Trust.
Anticipation. Excitement.

F5!! F5!! F5!!
“Can Anyone See Anything?”
“How Many Tabs Can You Have Open?”
“I’m Not Even Getting The Holding Page”
“COME ON!!!” F5!! F5!! F5!!
Page Won’t Load.
F5!! F5!! F5!!
“I’m In!”
Hands Shaking. Heart Pounding.
Can’t Type The Numbers.
Can’t Read The Numbers.
“Read The Details Out To Me For Fucks Sake!”


“Has Anyone Got Their Confirmation Email??”
Potential Weather Chat.
Sadness. Upset. Bitter Despair.
“There’s Always The Resale!”

April: Resale. Repeat. JOY!!!!

Organisation. Potential Weather Chat.
“What Day Are You Going?”
“Must Ring Carole At Ashcombe.”
Ebay. Ebay. Ebay.
Tent Porn.
Pack List.
UBER Pack List.
“Shall We Arrange A Party Bus?”
“Is It Too Soon To Check The Weather?”
Tips. Tricks. Fancy Dress.
“Are You Queuing Overnight?”
Wellies - Versus - Boots
Decanting. Packing. Don’t Forget Binbags.
“Shall I Bother Bringing Mixers?”
“Where’s My List?”
All You Need Is Wet Wipes And Pants.
Oh, And Duct Tape.
HA! - Glitter Is All You ACTUALLY Need!!
Potential Weather Chat.

June: The Great Pilgrimage.
Coach. Tube. Bus. Train. Van. Caravan. Party Bus. Car. Lift Share. Hitchhike. Get There.
Tent Up At Ashcombe. “Hi Carole”
The Actual Weather Chat.
Skittles. Tor. Pub. Fish N Chips. Cider. Gin.
More Friends Arriving. “We’ve Drunk All Our Gin!”
More Talk Of The Weather.
“We’ll Have To Buy More Booze Before We Go In”
One Last. Hot. Shower.
The Apple Tree.
Tent Down at Ashcombe.
The Queue.
Old Friends. New Friends. Tall Tales and Memories.
The 4am Freeze.
Sunrise - Shuffling Forwards.
“Vodka Jelly For Breakfast Is Fine - It’s A Solid!”

The Gate. The Wristband. The Bag. The Fine Guide.
The Long Drops.
The Walk. The Map. The Walk. The Stewards. The Walk.

Old Friends. New Friends. Gazeebos Up. Tents All Around.
“Quick, Lay Down Tarps.”
“If We Just Shuffle You This Way, We’ll All Fit In.”
Tents Up. Beds Made. Cans Opened. Pass The Homebrew.
Fairy Lights. Disco Lights. Glitter EVERYWHERE.
“We’re All Mad Here!”
Laughter. Love. Friendship. Inclusion.
“To The Cider Bus!”
Old Friends. New Friends. Strangers That Become Friends.
“A Pint Of Hot N Spicy Please”
Virgins and The Don’t Look Back Walk.
Puff. Pant. Struggle. “Keep Going, Keep Going!” “I Promise You It’s Worth It”
“Do NOT Turn Around!!”
“We’re Almost There” “You Can Look Now”
Flagtopia Sunset. The Glastonbury Cheer. The Park. Cocktails. Hammocks.
Stone Circle Fireworks & Fires & Friends.
Back To Camp Triangle.
Love. Unity. Joy. Campfire. Pass The Gin. Pass Out.

Wake Up. Thursday. It’s The Best Day. Gazebo Chats. Glitter.
Bimble. Henry’s Beard Breakfast – Its Traditional.
Craft Fields. Green Fields. Peace, Love & Unity.
Yoga. Dancing. Permaculture. Greenpeace.
Water Aid. Green Futures. Healing Fields. Bimble.
Hare Krishna Tent. Dancey Dancey. Bang The Drum, Ring The Bells, Eat The Curry.
Old Friends. New Friends. Strangers That Become Friends.
Back To Camp Triangle. “Would Anybody Like A Frozen Margherita?”
“Oh Hell Yes!”
Gazebo Chats. Glitter. Friends. Love. Sunset.
Fancy Dress Bimble. Stone Circle. Flags. Back To The Park. Cocktails.
Dance. Dance. Dance.
Back To Camp Triangle. Old Friends. New Friends.
Campfire. Pass The Gin. Pass Out.

Wake Up. Friday. Festival Begins.
Gazebo Chats. Glitter. Bands & Music.
“I’ll Meet You At Pyramid Palais.”
“We’re Under The Oranjeboom Flag”
“Can You See That T-Rex With One Arm On A Stick?”
The Roar Of The Crowd. The Surge Forwards. Hands In The Air.
Old Friends. New Friends. Strangers That Become Friends.
Night Falls. Adventures. Friends. The Glade. The Lights.
The Naughty Corner. The Base. The Weird. The Wonderful.

Wake Up. Saturday. Gazebo Chats. Glitter.
“Did You See U2 Last Night?”
“Nah, Missed Them…. I Was Entranced By A 20 Foot Mechanical Chicken Playing Disco”
“Fair Enough”
Bands. Music. Old Friends. New Friends.
Night Falls. Circus. Cabaret. Burlesque. Fire Dancing. The Weird. The Wonderful.
The Stone Circle. Fires. Blankets. Strangers. Friends. Chats. Laughs. Hugs.
The Beautiful Sunday Sunrise.
Back To Camp Triangle. Sleepy Gazebo Chats. Glitter.
Tent. Sleep. Wake Up Melting. Unzip Quick. Scramble Out.
Downing half a litre of water before realising its GIN.
Sunday Night Falls. The Last Band. Friends. Dancing. Hands In The Air.
One Last Bimble.
Back To Camp Triangle. Campfire Chats. Love, Laughter, Friends.
Pass The Gin. Pass Out.
Wake Up. Monday. Gazeebo Chats. Glitter.
“We Really Should Start Taking This Tent Down.”
Goodbyes. Hugs. Love. Tears. Hugs. Love. Goodbyes.
Pack Up. Tent Down. Trolley Loaded. We’re Off!
…Love The Farm, Leave No Trace.

Glastonbury …  💚