2013 Events


Each year, there are a few Events that we hold so we can all get to know each other.

In the past we've had Beach parties, Xmas parties, cocktails, epic bimbles, mystery tours, flash mobs, meet ups.

This year we are 10 and we're having a Kids Birthday Party, think pass-the-parcel, musical chairs, jelly & ice cream, etc.

Rifleman's Pre-Glasto

  • Date: Tuesday 25 June 2013
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: Rifleman's Arms, 4 Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8DB
  • What is it: This is the traditional pre-Festival meet and you can meet with others who are heading to the carparks to queue all night
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CT Welcome Cocktail Party

  • Date: Wednesday 26 June 2013
  • Time: 5:30 pm
  • Location: Camp Triangle
  • What is it: This is Camp Triangle's own party.Dress code is: Hawaiian/Beach/Pirate.
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Cider Bus Meet

  • Date: Wednesday 26 June 2013
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Location: Cider Bus
  • What is it: The Somerset Cider Bus is round the corner from the Pyramid Stage.
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Don't Look Back

  • Date: Wednesday 26 June 2013
  • Time: 11:30 pm
  • Location: Cider Bus start
  • What is it: We walk from the Cider Bus to the Stone Circle, with as many Glastonbury virgins as possible, and then we sacrifice them... 'just kidding'
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#Twisto/Glasto Watch

  • Date: Thursday 27 June 2013
  • Time: 2:00 pm
  • Location: West Holts sound stage
  • What is it: Originally set up for Twitter users, this meet has expanded to include the Glasto Watch forum members, which includes a lot of Camp Triangle.
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  • Date: Thursday 27 June 2013
  • Time: 12:00 pm
  • Location: Pyramid Stage Viewing Platform
  • What is it: There's only one way to adequately prepare for "The Greatest Rock & Roll Band In The World" - Bring an Instrument
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Fire at the Bottom of the Garden

  • Date: Thursday 27 June 2013
  • Time: 9:30 pm
  • Location: Arcadia
  • What is it: We'll take a stroll to the bottom of our garden, where Arcadia have kindly set up a fire spectacular.
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Disco Friday with Chic

  • Date: Friday 28 June 2013
  • Time: 10:00 pm
  • Location: West Holts sound stage
  • What is it: Put on your finest disco gear, along with as much glitter and sequins as you can find, and join us to see Nile Rodgers and co play the funkiest disco tunes
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Sunday Night Hat Bimble

  • Date: Monday 1 July 2013
  • Time: 1:00 am
  • Location:
  • What is it: Get out your Best Hats for one last blow out.
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