Daniel Glastonbury's Wedding

Daniel & Emily have been painting the Glastonbury Bins, prior to festival for many years. In 2017 Daniel proposed to her.

Dan has asked that we learn the Cat Parade to be played on Kazoos.

Please learn the cat parade song if you're coming to our #Glastonbury wedding <3 Will be bringing 500 kazoos, I want her walk up from the Cockatoo Bar to a surprise Cat Parade in her honour Thursday - 12:45 - Gateway Riser -


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The wedding Starts at 13:00, but be there for 12:45 for the distribution of Kazoos.

This Year they're getting married, in the Circus Field.

Emily and I got engaged at Glastonbury 2017, a lot has happened in the last two years, but we're happier than ever and can't wait to tie the know at Glastonbury 2019!

Donate to their Honeymoon fund.

Facebook Event, please RSVP.